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唐医堂是新山屡获殊荣的健康和放松中心,也是新山区历史最悠久的老招牌 - 唐医堂。唐医堂以其为顾客提供舒适的环境而自豪。使用有机精油和面霜,感官得到滋养,健康进入稳态。借助现代方法和舒缓的自然灵感环境,您可以坐下来放松身心,享受一系列足部反射疗法和按摩。 从旧时代的中医跌打到现代化的按摩中心,我们将保留最传统方式以及竭尽全力为您服务。新山按摩 | 新山推拿 | 新山针灸 | 新山拔罐|新山正宗按摩。本公司是有分为两个部分:一为按摩部门;二为中医部门。我们的按摩师跟中医师都是拥有SKM跟VTO专业认证的。因此,服务跟态度都是五星级的。不仅如此,每个顾客对于本公司的服务都是赞不绝口。本公司也会不断地改进和陆续推出更多服务配套势必让顾客们得到更绝佳的服务享受。我们的理念也一直都保持着真诚、热情和好客是深深植根于我们理念的亚洲传统价值观。从大自然的按摩力量中汲取灵感,当您进入我们的花园时,我们会提供一种真正的体验,提升身心。

Thong Yee Thong is an award-winning health and relaxation centre in Johor Bahru. The oldest signboard in Johor Bahru - Thong Yee Thong. Thong yee Thong takes pleasure in offering a welcoming environment for its consumers. The senses are nourished by organic oils and lotions, and health returns to normal. Consumers can sit back and relax with a variety of foot reflexology and massages using current methods and a pleasant nature-inspired setting. From old-fashioned traditional Chinese medicine to modern massage centers, we will keep the most traditional methods and do our best to serve you. Johor Bahru Massage | Johor Bahru Massage | Johor Bahru Acupuncture | Johor Bahru Cupping | Johor Bahru Authentic Massage. The company is divided into two parts: one is the massage department; the other is the Chinese medicine department. Our Massage Therapist and Chinese Physician are SKM and VTO certified.  Therefore, the service and attitude are five-star.  Not only that, every customer for the company's service is full of praise.  The company will continue to improve and launch more supporting services are bound to let customers get more excellent service to enjoy. Our ideology has always been consistent. Sincerity, warmth and hospitality are fundamental Asian qualities that run deep in our culture. When consumer enter our gardens, we deliver a true experience that lifts the mind and body, drawing inspiration from nature's therapeutic abilities.
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