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成立于上世纪90年,唐医堂至今已迈入营业的第32个年头,是为柔佛新山历史最为悠久的保健按摩中心。昔时的唐医堂仅设在一间狭小的房屋,由按摩师以传统的保健方法如铁打、刮痧及拔罐为患者舒缓不适。同时,唐医堂也聘有中医师为病人看诊。除却提供居家式的服务,按摩师时而也到夜市摆摊行医,兜售祖传的铁打药酒。 尽管当时的规模较小,但唐医堂奉行悬壶济世的精神,数年来不曾主动向患者索要费用,仅以置放乐捐箱的方式让患者随意支付费用。除了恪守儒家“以仁为本”的原则,唐医堂也坚持以中国传统的按摩手法为患者服务,以此宣扬中华传统的中医学与按摩学。时值中马建交时期,唐医堂的经营理念不仅响应了政府的号召,也在一定程度上推动了中华文化在马的发展。 随着顾客群的增加,唐医堂于1995年搬迁至此。

为了迎合时代的挑战,我们在传统指压按摩手法的基础上融入现代中医学的元素,并聘请中医师定期为按摩师提供专业的培训,在保留传统的同时也根据时代的发展进行相应的调整。风雨三十年,历经了商业政策的数次改革,唐医堂始终秉持初衷,一如我们沿用三十年前的竹罐一般,致力于为顾客提供传统的指压按摩体验,并向友族推广中华文化的精髓。本公司是有分为两个部分:一为按摩部门;二为中医部门。我们的按摩师跟中医师都是拥有SKM跟VTO专业认证的。因此,本公司的服务跟态度都是五星级的. 唐医堂会完全致力于提供具有卓越价值的专业、优质的服务和清洁。我们期待为您提供从头到脚应得的皇家待遇。

Founded in the 90s, THONG YEE THONG (TYT) has entered 32nd years of business and it’s considered one of the oldest health massage centers in Johor Bahru. 
In olden times, THONG YEE THONG is located in a small house and the Massage Therapists uses traditional health treatment methods such as iron, scraping and cupping to relieve patient's stress.

At the same time, TYT also hired Chinese medical physician to diagnose and treat patients. In addition of providing home-style services, masseurs also set up booths at night markets to help patients by using psychological approaches which inherited from ancestors and also promoting Chinese medicine herb and massage technique. 
Although small in scale,  TYT still adheres the spirit of helping others in need and provide free consultation to patients. In addition to adhering to the principles of Confucianism, TYT also insisted on treating patients with traditional Chinese massage techniques to maintain the Chinese traditional culture.

At the time when China and Malaysia establishing diplomatic relations, TYT also responded to the government's call by promoting the development of Chinese culture in Malaysia.
To meet the challenges of increasing number of customers locally, TYT has relocated to Johor Bahru in 1995. With years of evolution TYT has also incorporated with modern Chinese medical elements based on traditional acupressure massage techniques, and hired more Chinese Medical Physician to provide professional training for masseurs on a regular basis. 
After 30 years of evolution, TYT transformed in-term of massage technique, Chinese Medication and also policy to provide the customer better experience to feel the essence of Chinese Culture. Thong Yee Thong is fully committed to offering professional, high-quality service and cleaning at an affordable price. We look forward to lavishing you with royal treatment from head to toe.

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