Our Story


    Since the 1990s


    Founded in the 90s, Thong Yee Thong (TYT) has entered its 32nd year of business and is considered one of the oldest health massage centres in Johor Bahru. In olden times, Thong Yee Thong was located in a small house and the Massage Therapists used traditional health treatment methods such as iron, scraping and cupping to relieve patient's stress. At the same time, TYT also hired Chinese medical physicians to diagnose and treat patients. In addition to providing home-style services, masseurs also set up booths at night markets to help patients by using psychological approaches inherited from ancestors and also promoting Chinese herbal medicine and massage techniques.

    Around the time China and Malaysia established diplomatic relations, TYT responded to the government's call by promoting the development of Chinese culture in Malaysia. To meet the challenges of an increasing number of customers locally, TYT relocated to Johor Bahru in 1995. With years of evolution, TYT has also incorporated modern Chinese medical elements
    based on traditional acupressure massage techniques, and hired more Chinese medical physicians to provide professional training for masseurs on a regular basis.

    Our Values


    Sincerity, Warmth & Hospitality


    Our establishment values sincerity, warmth and hospitality as they are Fundamental Asian qualities that run deep within our culture. As patrons enter our gardens, we aim to deliver an experience that lifts both mind and body. Although small in scale,  TYT still adheres to the spirit of helping others in need and providing free consultation to patients. In addition to adhering to the principles of Confucianism, TYT also insists on treating patients with traditional Chinese massage techniques in order to maintain Chinese traditional culture.

    Corporate Social Responsibility


    What We Provide

    Helping the community

    At Thong Yee Thong, we strive to make a positive impact on our local community by supporting local charities and fundraisers through our donations.
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    Inclusion & Fair Treatment

    We are committed to providing fair treatment to our employees. We foster an environment where everyone is treated with respect regardless of race, gender or nationality.
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    Supporting Local Businesses

    We are proud to be a local business so therefore, we make efforts to source from local suppliers to help prosper growth and prosperity
    within our local economy.

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